• Asbestos is highly toxic, causing a range of lung diseases, that are slow to develop but in many cases deadly. Inhaling the fibres can cause a fibrous stiffening and shrinking of the lung, as well as lung cancer, particularly the incurable, rapidly-growing lung cancer known as mesothelioma.
  • It is essential that anyone that works with asbestos knows how to protect themselves and the people around them from this dangerous material.
  • Persons removing 10 square metres or more of bonded asbestos must hold a ‘B’ class certificate (or bonded asbestos removal certificate).
  • Detailed information on how to handle and remove asbestos from buildings safely and legally can be found at the Queensland Health website

Asbestos Bin Service Requirements:

Asbestos cannot be mixed with general waste as it poses substantial health and safety risks and requires special disposal methods.

Contact us about using an asbestos liner, or select this option when booking a skip bin. If you’re unsure but suspect your materials may contain asbestos (especially from a structure built prior to 1990), consult an expert prior to handling or placing the material in the skip or you will be liable for extensive decontamination and penalty costs.

In order for your asbestos bin to be safely serviced you must comply with the following instructions:

  1. Keep all asbestos containing material damp.
  2. Place the asbestos material in the first liner (bag) provided and seal the bag with adhesive tape prior to removal.
  3. Line the bin with the second liner (bag) provided.
  4. Place the wrapped asbestos into the bin.
  5. Completely seal the outside bin liner with adhesive tape prior to removal.
  6. Label the outer bin liner with the provided warning label in a position that is visible to people looking into the bin.
  7. No general waste is to be placed in the bin with the asbestos material.

If these requirements aren’t followed Ipswich Waste Services may not be able to remove the bin.

For further information on this service please contact:
Ipswich Waste Services on (07) 3810 8100