Terms & Conditions

  1. The term of this agreement will commence on the date a Customer (legal entity ordering a Skip) places an order for a skip and ends on the date the Skip material has been disposed or processed by Ipswich Waste Services (IWS).
  2. The price for the supply of any goods, services, or other things is stated as inclusive of any goods and services or similar tax imposed at the point of sale of time of supply on the supply of goods, services or other things in Australia (GST).
  3. The Customer will pay IWS the quoted service charges that have been nominated on this website including any rental. In addition the Customer will also be liable for any additional charges that are applicable to any extra services requested by you that are carried out by IWS on your behalf.
  4. The Customer will only place appropriate material in the equipment/containers (refer to item 11). Additional charges may be applied at the sole discretion of IWS if alternative arrangements are required to remove and/or dispose of any inappropriate material (as determined by IWS). The Customer will indemnify IWS for any and all damages incurred by IWS (direct or consequential) through the inclusion of inappropriate material within the Skip the Customer has ordered.  
  5. The Customer agrees that in the event that the payment terms stated by IWS are not met and that collections and/or legal action is taken by IWS or its representatives, then the Customer shall reimburse IWS for all costs and commissions which are incurred and are payable in any collections and/or legal action taken for recovery of monies due and owing.
  6. The Skip and any other equipment supplied by IWS will at all times remain the porperty of IWS and IWS is to be provided unrestricted and unobstructed access to it. IWS may modify or replace the equipment at its discretion and will otherwise carry out usual maintenance on the equipment during our operating hours.
  7. The Customer will be responsible for all loss or damage to the equipment whatsoever and howsoever caused and which is not a result of ordinary wear and tear and is not caused by IWS.
  8. The Customer indemnifies and releases IWS and all its employees and officers from all losses, claims and liabilities incurred by the Customer and/or any third parties with respect to the use, operation and possession of the equipment by the Customer. This indemnity and release will continue notwithstanding termination of this Agreement.
  9. When transporting regulated waste, IWS agrees to act as your agent in accordance with s81U of the Environmental Protection Regulation 2008.
  10. Ipswich Waste Services and by extension Ipswich City Council, is collecting your personal information so that IWS can provide your requested waste management service. IWS will not disclose the Customer’s personal information outside of Council unless required by law or the Customer provides consent. By accepting these T&C’s, Council will consider that the Customer has given provided consent to manage its personal information in the manner described in Council’s Privacy Statement, Personal Information Digest and this collection notice.
  11. The Customer agrees to follow the bin use guidelines detailed below:

i. Each bin must not be filled above the level of the top of the bin (e.g. water level if bin is filled).

ii. NO regulated waste (unless prior arrangements are made), asbestos, wet cement, liquids (e.g. paints and chemicals), tyres, batteries or gas bottles are to be placed in the bin.

iii. If IWS places the skip in the nominated location and are then required to return to relocate the bin to an alternate location, there will be an additional service fee of $70.00 charged. Application of this service fee is at the sole discretion of IWS. 

iv. IWS will endeavour to place the skip in the requested location; however, it is at IWS’s sole discretion as to the placement location of the skip. 

v. If a skip cannot be removed on the selected date, IWS will use its best endeavours to have the skip removed on the next available day. 

vi. IWS skips will not be located on the roadway.